Monday, April 27, 2009

yo! it's me. leanne anne.
have been ages i didnt update this blog d la.
babe ahyee text me that she wanted to blog because she is boring?!
ok, so i came along also la.
have to acc my babe ma.
what a good fren m i.
babe ahyee, you must to be happy to have me. ==

well, my babe ahyee is rotting.
what about me?
*yell* i m now in my so called 'Nerd Week' la.
damn pity me la.
choosed march intake and my course was damn rush. only got 6 study weeks.
three assignment to do, and last week i've just handed up two.
so now, i m considered kinda free la. but actually not really that free. (wth i m trying to say?) lol

basically, since my coll life starts, i didnt really play much la.
not that i ve changed, but uh, i really dun hav that time to play.
andi cant find kaki to play with me in help.
but, i m actually so lucky that i met a smart girl in my class.
she motivated me to study. =)
i ve to thx her! (thx, evon.)
I wanted to hang out wit babe ahyee so badly, wanted to stay at ss15 starbucks like what i do when i m still at taylors last time, so badly, i wanted to have fun, i wanted to have some trip, i wanted to go do shopping with my babe ahyee, and i wanted to be with her la!! (that's the point la)
miss the old days badly. =)

anyway, i had actually attended few gathering la.
but still, meeting the same group of ppl.
and i ffk-ed kyelone last sat. sorry bro.
and also, watched some movies la.
knowing, coming soon, and confession of a shopaholic.
the content...ehhh, watch ur own la. nth much to talk also.
but have to remind you guys, i feel that these above movie are trying to cheat ppl money 1.
then i guess thats all i had done one these two month la.

now, i m waiting my final 4th of may.
then i will be damn free.
i want to go find babe ahyee swim, chat, yumcha, shopping and etc.
i want find xlim(my dear) shopping oso and pass her the phone she asked me to buy for her.
or maybe find some part-time job to earn some money.
i need extra pocket money la. =)
so, guess is all for this time.
chaoz ppl...

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